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9:01 PM 4/23/07 · There are many that believe we create God in our own image. By the same token, those of a polytheistic view tend to assign their gods to various phenomena of their personal lives, the environment, and other more abstract things. I've done much the same in my time though I have more fun with it.

It was during my snuggly days with a former lady love that I introduced her to the rather twisted worship of Bartleby; this would be the God of the Menstruel Cycle. Not being one to engage in a little happy naked bouncy time when Aunt Flo is in town...thought I'd help her out of it by giving praise to Bartleby...

...the running snide logic behind this was that if you were a female diety with a name like "Bartleby" then you'd be in a pretty lousy mood too.

I know this is probably about the stupidest thing you've ever read...but it also worked for us. Chalk that up to whatever makes you feel good or assume I'm talking outta my butt.

Have you ever, for whatever purpose, created your own god?
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