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oh for the love of the gods

11:13 PM 9/30/07 · I was rather saddened that I couldn't goto the Folsom Street Fair but other pressing matters concerned me. Okay, not really, but still...

...all this hoopla about a certain poster and some advertising for the event has got me more than a little pissy. The specific poster you've probably seen if you've been following the news (Clicky!) a depiction of the Last Supper followed extremely loosely with fetish gear and costuming a number of sex toys in the mix. I've actually only seen it on the news, with the understandable items being fuzzed over by television censors but even then...what's the harm?

the poster for the event is nowhere near as offensive as this...Collapse )

The painting everyone is familiar with that displays the Last Supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci quite a chunk of time after the actual meal happened. Can't quote you the actual timeline but I think there were a couple centuries inbetween there. Realistically the painting doesn't seem likely, according to numerous religious debates I've seen, that everyone was sitting at such a table and even if they were...not all on just the one side.

Leo chose to represent it this way in order to best represent all the people present and important to the piece. It's not like they all posed that way so someone could run around and get a quick shot on their digicam.

I don't see the sacrilige, which I'm likely mispelling, as while it is a representation of Jesus & Co. having something to eat before that fateful day...that doesn't make it a holy work. A religious depiction sure but so what? If a bunch of kids re·did the depiction with World of Warcraft characters I doubt much of anyone would so much as raise an eyebrow.

It's not like they re·wrote the Bible in Crayola!
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so remarkably like me


The consensus belief is that if you accept Jesus into your life then you're pretty much guaranteed to get into Heaven. At one time or another I've heard someone or other say the following stuff:
  • If you don't accept Jesus as your lord & savior you're going to Hell.

  • The Jews rejected Jesus and they will all burn in Hell.

  • Everyone that died before Jesus was born is in Hell.

  • Everyone that died before Jesus was born were granted amnesty and are in Heaven.

  • People that practice magic are trying to steal the power of God and will burn in Hell.

Do you agree with any of this stuff?
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religious matters

the name's the thing

The chief problem with being a polytheist, for me anyway, is the swearing. General profanity I get by with okay but the more interesting stuff when religious names are intermingled get to be a bit tricky. Take For the love of the Gods for example. That works fine. However, Gods dammit just doesn't quite roll off the tongue so evenly.

This is of course the variant of God dammit, which technbically should be damn it but no one tends to really spell it that way.

I know, I know; there's probably at least one of you going "You can't say that. That's taking the Lord's name in vain!" It's a common faux pas but the truth of the matter is I'm not. While the Big Guy does have many names handy for general use God isn't one of them. God is a title, a status position, that little thing you see on the nametag of the Heaveny Cubicle just before the actual name. You can't be taking the Lord's name in vain if you're not actually using any of the names It has assigned to it.

Funny thing about names. Jesus isn't actually Jesus, he's Yeshua. I know I've been down this road before,m will probably be down it again as soon as another alternate strikes me, but I've never gotten why we call him Jesus. This is really all King James' fault seeing as he had the guy's name changed to Jesus for reasons even the scholars still debate to this day. I mean, several months back when they supposedly found his tomb I was all big with the smiles and joy...up until they translated the labelling above and it read, something to the effect of Here lies Jesus... after which I lost interest because I knew it wasn't him then.

They might change his name for the official documentation but when his mortal form up and died you know his loved ones would put him to rest under his actual birth name.

You know most of the disciples names probably got changed too. With the possible exception of Judas, a name you very rarely hear in passing, the host of the disciples seem to have names you'd hear on just about any New England street. Peter, Paul, Ringo (kidding)...but they just all have perfectly normal names. Granted, you don't hear a lot of folks running around named Jesus either, even if pronounced using Spanish phrasing, but you hear someone go Yeshua and suddenly it kinda works. It would seem to me that most of the discliples names are not as we know them to be...or at the very least not pronounced the way we're pronouncing them. Seeing as we're all using, relative regional accents not withstanding, American Enlgish pronounciations for these people.

...or am I totally off my rocker??
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everybody needs coffee

Let's have some fun!

About a year or so back I did a post asking who people thought was the best portrayal of the Devil on the big screen, or little one if you rent more than you goto the movies. I chose Al Pacino for his work in The Devil's Advocate & Gabriel Byrne from End of Days because it couldn't possibly get anymore accurate than that.

Just my opinion.

So, this time let's take a shot for the other team. Who do you think did the best job portraying God & Jesus on the big or little screen? While I realize (Holy Trinity and all) that most folks are big with the Jesus & God are the same gotta admit that not many actors can pull that kinda thing off. So, try and pick for each role.

My answers:
Actually haven't seen a lot of Jesus onscreen that I can clearly recall, most of it's stuff I saw as a much smaller me; vaguely recall Jesus Christ Superstar but not enough to say anything about it and I mainly just remember I didn't like it much.

As to God, that's beyond easy. For the Oh God series (saw the 1st & 3rd) I'd say George Burns is possibly the best God I've ever seen. Add to that a dash of Alannis Morrisette from Dogma and that's the best I've seen for portraying the Big Guy.

I'd like to think that the actual Truth can be gleaned from a hybridization of the two.

So, who do you like for these roles?
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possibly the most ridiculous religious question ever

10:14 AM 3/11/07 · When you think about it, there's kind of a disturbing similarity. I refer to the circumstances upon which Jesus' mother got (how to put this delicately?) knocked up. She's lying there in bed one night when she finds herself very aware of a presence, enveloped in an all encompassing bright light, and after an indeterminable amount of time she wakes to find she'd been left with a (if you will) implant.

This resulted in a very healthy child with a number of unusual abilities who we all know and love. Well, all of us know and some of us love...those rather tight in their masculinity just like him bunches and give him proper respect.

However, let us take the circumstances of the impregnation that brought Jesus about.

Is it just me or does this seem remotely similar to any number of alien abduction scenarios?

Then there's all the mythos/conspiracy theories regarding a human/alien hybrid.

So, would you say this is the most ridiculous religious notion you've ever heard?
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