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possibly the most ridiculous religious question ever

10:14 AM 3/11/07 · When you think about it, there's kind of a disturbing similarity. I refer to the circumstances upon which Jesus' mother got (how to put this delicately?) knocked up. She's lying there in bed one night when she finds herself very aware of a presence, enveloped in an all encompassing bright light, and after an indeterminable amount of time she wakes to find she'd been left with a (if you will) implant.

This resulted in a very healthy child with a number of unusual abilities who we all know and love. Well, all of us know and some of us love...those rather tight in their masculinity just like him bunches and give him proper respect.

However, let us take the circumstances of the impregnation that brought Jesus about.

Is it just me or does this seem remotely similar to any number of alien abduction scenarios?

Then there's all the mythos/conspiracy theories regarding a human/alien hybrid.

So, would you say this is the most ridiculous religious notion you've ever heard?
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