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This questions gonna make the rounds...

...just so I can link stuff to here to get the widest range of answers to someone I've been arguing with for about the last 11 hours·ish.

Yesterday I asked a question that had nothing to do with whether or not Jesus literally was God made flesh, though I included it in a preamble to better define the question I actually was asking, when this particular person decided to bypass the question and concentrate on the preamble. There's been a lot of going back and forth on this one issue but the biggest problem I'm having with him is that he insists that anyone who claims to be Christian but does not believe that Jesus was God made flesh, not just the son of, is actually not a Christian.

So, here's the three levelled question for you:
  • Do you believe Jesus was God or not?

  • If you don't believe Jesus was God do you think this automatically means you're not Christian?

  • Why is it you feel you are Christian even though you don't believe this supposedly undeniable fact?

Have fun with it, the connecting post, with all the linkage from the answering places, will be in my journal but not immediately. I know there's those of you that feel as I do, that Jesus/Yeshua wasn't literally God. I'm just trying to show this to de guy in question while showing that holding this opinion doesn't automatically get you booted out of the Church.
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